Electronic Waste Recycling Event

SBK Recycle offers you the opportunity to host your own electronic waste recycling event in Boise and the surrounding area. This event gives local employees and organizations a chance to properly recycle their old, used, or broken electronics. To decrease clutter and free up your space, see how our E-waste recycling events can help.

Hosting an E-Cycle Event is Easy!

  • Get in Touch With Us

    To show your interest in creating your own electronic recycling event, start by sending us a message using the form located below. For those who would prefer to communicate with a real, live human, you always have the option to call us as well. After you contact our team, we will work with you to select a date for your recycling event. We will then walk you through our straigntforward process.

  • Spread the Word!

    Telling people about your upcoming event is the best way to let people know about it. Share the date and location of the approaching electronic recycling event with your employees, coworkers, friends, and family. In addition to work items, let everyone know that there are many items at home that can be recycled, and we will gladly accept them.

  • We Collect Your E-Waste

    Once the entire event has been planned out and the big day comes, make sure your drop-off area is ready for us to come pick up all your electronic waste items. We will then show up at your location and haul away the recycled items. This is a very convenient option for many people, as it does not require anyone to make a special trip to find a recycling facility.

Through our combined efforts, we can help keep hazardous electronics out of landfills and give your old electronics new life. Contact us to learn more about our electronic waste recycling events.

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